Features and uses of Co-Extrusion PE Film Blowing Machine

Co-Extrusion PE Film Blowing Machine is your good choice.The PE film blowing machine can continuously blow PE films with different folding widths and a thickness of 0.05~0.12mm; it is widely used in shrink packaging of beer, beverages, and building materials.
1. This series of units are equipped with length counting devices, slitting knives, slitting knives, flattening rollers, waste edge rewinding, etc.;
2. The screw of this series of units is made of high-quality alloy steel, after nitriding treatment and precision processing, the screw is sprayed with alloy, which is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a longer screw life;
3. This series of units can also be equipped with vacuum feeder, corona processor, etc.;
4. This series of units adopts a professional LDPE screw, the output of the whole machine is high, and the film plasticization is good; Co-Extrusion PE Film Blowing Machine is your good choice.