Features of STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machined

1. Using automatic box opening (suction), folding instructions, unloading, feeding, batch numbering, box sealing, waste detection and other processes, stable operation and low noise;
2. STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine adopts PLC and man-machine interface to automatically control the operating system, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, high degree of automation, simple and easy to understand;
3. Adopt international famous brand electrical components, stable and reliable performance;
4. The automatic shutdown function of mechanical overload is adopted to ensure the safety of man and machine;
5. The cartoning machine automatically removes the packaged products that lack packaging or instructions to ensure the quality of packaged products;
6. With functions such as fault display, alarm and finished product count, it is easy to maintain and deal with faults;
7. Various automatic feeders and conveying mechanisms can be designed according to customer requirements;
8. The cartoning machine can be equipped with hot melt glue machine, which adopts hot melt glue spraying glue to seal or design hot melt glue brushing device;
9. It can be used with aluminum-plastic packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, filling machine, soap making machine, inkjet printer (or supervisory code system), labeling machine, online weighing machine, three-dimensional packaging machine, heat shrink packaging machine, Tie strapping machine, other production lines, etc. to achieve docking linkage production.  STZ Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine is your good choice.